Loans can come in many different formations with the term lengths, the down payments, the interest rates, etc. When you take out a loan with the banks, no matter what the loan is for, they will run a credit check on you to ensure you qualify to their standards. This can be tough when you’re in the financial position to make the payments, but don’t have the credit to qualify for them because of an issue in the past.

When you go to qualify for the credit, the banks are not just looking for a good credit score. They are also looking for a credit to debt ratio. If you have too much credit and it’s mostly maxed out, the bank is looking for you to have insurable employment.

This means you need to have a job that can provide you a T-4 and have it for at least 6 months. If you are an entrepreneur or self-contractor, you will need at least 2 years of T-4s to show the bank for them to have faith in backing you with a loan.

There are many reasons you may not qualify with a loan where a credit check is required. That’s where title loans from a quick cash lender come in handy.

No credit check loan

No credit check loan

Here is some advice in managing your loan without a credit check.

1 – What do you need to apply for your car equity loan?

You will not need good credit or even a credit check. All you will need to provide a quick cash lender in Alberta is your car title. To do that, you will need to make sure you have no liens on the vehicle with the bank. If you owe the bank money for your vehicle, they hold the title to your car.

You can use most types of motor-operated vehicles for collateral when you get a vehicle equity loan. You can use cars, trucks, SUVs, RV’s, ATVs, and more. Just enquire what you are allowed to use for collateral and your car equity lender will provide a list for you to choose from.

2 – Are car collateral loans easy to pay off?

Yes. In fact, they are meant to be easy to pay off. Your car collateral lender wants you to be able to pay your loan off and for you to keep your vehicle. It’s important for a quick cash lender to be able to make the money from interest on the loan. The last thing they want to do and will do is take your vehicle.

Because of this, the payments are much smaller and the terms are much longer. This means the interest is a little higher. The nice thing about these loans is that there are no penalties for paying them off early and you don’t need to pay back the interest from the entire term of the loan.

3 – Will I get my car back after a title loan?

You get to keep your car the entirety of the loan. The only time you wouldn’t keep your car is if you were not able to make payments and they decided to take your car for repayment.

Simply make sure you have a plan to pay back these payments on time and you will have zero issues. So many people are doing these loans these days because the risk for this happening is so low with how affordable they make the payments for you.

If you need help with securing a loan for your education, business investment, emergencies, bills, or to pay someone back, it’s nice to know that you can get your car title loan in Alberta with no credit check.

Next time you need a no-credit-check-loan, be sure you use this guide so you know what to expect.